Proposed five cent gas tax fails in Pasco County

Mariano and Wilson vote no

DADE CITY, Fla. - The motion to approve a five-cent gas tax in Pasco County failed to get enough votes from the County Commission Tuesday evening to pass. 

After nearly four hours of public input, Commissioners Henry Wilson and Jack Mariano voted against a proposal to increase gas taxes by five cents a gallon. 

If the measure would have passed, county staff estimate it would have generated about $8.1 million annually for Pasco County.

The money would have gone to improving the roads and pothole response time in the area. 

However, the proposal lacked public support in the meeting. The majority of speakers opposed the gas tax. 

Compromise motions to approve a 3-cent gas tax and a 2-cent gas tax also failed. Wilson and Mariano voted no on both of those motions. 


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