An undecided voter asks questions after a USPS worker solicits her vote

PORT RICHEY, Fla. - Donna Dellapelle relies on several medications. She said she suffers from problems with her colon and has had six major surgeries in the past several years.  She feels the upcoming election is crucial.

"I am not really sold on Obamacare, and I am not sure what Mitt Romney's plans are.  Because I have had such a bad medical history in the last few years, I am really undecided on both candidates," said Dellapelle.

When a woman knocked on her door wearing a shirt with the US Postal Service emblem, and solicited votes for President Obama, Dellapelle says she didn't know what to think

"I was just blown away that a government employee was soliciting for a presidential employee," said Dellapelle.

The postal service is a federal agency, although it's not run by tax dollars. A spokesperson with the postal service said the woman was not the carrier for that neighborhood, but was likely is a member of a postal union.

All campaigning activities by federal employees fall under rules found in what is known as the Hatch Act. It allows many federal employees, like postal workers, to actively campaign, as long as they are off the clock. only a few can't for example, members of the Federal Election Commission, the FBI and the CIA.

Even so, it still bothers Dellapelle.  "Being off the clock or on the clock, she was still representing the post office and a government office to me." she said.  

Pasco County Supervisor  of Elections Brian Corley said his office is seeing a record number of early votes. By Monday afternoon it was already up to 18,000.

Corley said voter turnout could be the deciding factor, and that soliciting votes is part of the process.

"It is certainly part of the 'get out the vote' effort," said Corley.  "If they were there on their time, that's part of our beloved democracy."

It might very well be part of democracy, But Dellapelle doesn't like it.   "That was a conflict of interest for me," said.

If you think a federal employee crossed the line campaigning, the US Office of Special Counsel will investigate.  You can find out how to file a complaint at

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