Police: Football fan falls 40 to 50 feet while trying to find seat at Bank of America Stadium

Sean Powers was attending ACC Championship game

NEW PORT RICHEY - Phyllis Magliocca can't believe the news about her neighbor.

"I'm just devastated to hear that and I pray that he recovers," said Phyllis Magliocca

Magliocca watched 22-year-old Sean Powers grow from a teenager to a young man.

"I used to see him out on his porch playing his guitar and wearing his skull cap," she told ABC Action News Sunday afternoon.

His smile and warm personality left a mark in her memory.

"He was a man of his own conviction," she said.

Friends said the 22-year-old from New Port Richey was in Charlotte, North Carolina, Saturday night to watch the Florida State Seminole take on the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets for the ACC Championship.

Officers in Charlotte said as Powers was trying to find his seat at the Bank of America Stadium he ended up falling 40 to 50 feet. He was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries.

"He is pretty responsible so I didn't think something like this would happen," said Jeremy Rivera

Jeremy Rivera grew up next to Powers and his family. He said the two ran into each other a short time ago. He said Powers had big goals for his future.

"He told me he had plans to go to Florida State," said Rivera.

Powers friends said he played basketball at Mitchell High School in Pasco County. They said all they can do is offer prayers to his family.

"It is sad because Sean is someone who had a lot of potential to do good things," said Rivera.

Powers' home sits empty. Friends and neighbors told ABC Action News his father died a year ago. Neighbor said they can only offer their deepest sympathy for his family. 

"To lose a parent with the boys being that young it has to be a devastating experience and to have their brother hurt it has to be a double whammy for them," said Magliocca.

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