Pasco prepares for heavy rains, flooding possibilities

Lessons learned from TS Debby

ELFERS, Fla. - Clyde and Ethel Ward are waiting side by side in their favorite spot for the rain to come.

"We built according to code. And if you do things by the code, you should be safe," said Clyde Ward.

They've lived in their house in Elfers for more than three decades, and never before experienced anything like the flooding that submerged their neighborhood last summer.

''The big problem is we had no electricity for about seven days, and that was the worst part," said Ward.

Now they wonder if the large amount of rain forecasted will cause flooding here again..

"It doesn't worry me. I'm too old to worry," he said.

In Trinity, officials are trying to stay ahead of the weather.

The pumps are already on, draining water from retention ponds that overflowed when Tropical Storm Debby came through.

Meanwhile, Port Richey neighbors Peter and Brett are loading up some sandbags, using plastic pots to make things easier.

"I learned that the last time," said Brett.

"We got slammed last year. We got waist-deep water in everybody's home, and we need to be prepared this time," said Peter Girard.

Emergency management officials in Pasco County say they learned a lot from Tropical Storm Debby, especially how flooding can sometimes exceed projections.

They also say attempts were made in several areas to improve drainage.

We might soon find out if those improvements will help.

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