Pasco Emergency Operations Center to activate Sunday morning

Residents prepare for more flooding

NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. - Craig Chapman brought his whole family out to fill sandbags Saturday morning. But they aren't doing it to protect their own home.

"We are basically just trying to help whoever needs it," said Chapman.

Chapman is loading up the truck from his New Port Richey landscaping business to bring sandbags to those who aren't able do this hard labor themselves.

"There's senior citizens that have been coming out, and you can just tell by looking, that they don't need to be trying to shovel these sandbags. I'm doing them and I know my bags are probably 40-50 pounds," said Chapman.

So many people are coming for those sandbags because they saw just last month how bad flooding in Pasco County can get.

Annette Doying is in charge of Pasco's Emergency Operations. She says her department is standing by, ready to react. "We've called for a full activation tomorrow (Sunday) morning at 9 am. That is anticipated to be a strong briefing about what we think we know once the system has moved closer to the keys.

Meanwhile, the county's Resident Information Center is taking calls to answer any questions related to the storm. It's also a good time for those with special needs  to get registered.

"If they have oxygen, ventilator. And they have concerns during the storm that they are going to want to be evacuated, they should register now. So we can go ahead and no where they are if an evacuation comes," said Assistant County Administrator Heather Grimes.

Officials say Pasco's water table remains full and even if Isaac doesn't directly hit the area, any significant rain could put neighborhoods underwater again. That's why residents need take advantage of the calm before this storm.

"It's going to be really nice day today. They need to have a nice normal day, but they also need to take some precautionary measures," said Doying.

"We are preparing for the worst. That's all we can do," said Chapman.

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