Pasco deputies say when a man paid for sex and did not receive it, he shot the woman he paid

NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla - Pasco County deputies say a man who was cheated out of sex after paying a woman $60 for her body, shot the woman days later in retaliation.

Raymond Wagner, 50, is now facing attempted felony murder and aggravated assault charges.

Two women told deputies they were walking down U.S. 19 in New Port Richey September 7 when Wagner pulled up next to them.  One of those women reportedly agreed to engage in sex acts with Wagner in exchange for $60.

When Wagner paid the woman she fled without providing service, deputies say.

On Monday, Wagner spotted the women walking on U.S. 19 and got into an argument with them.

According to an arrest report, Wagner threatened to kill the women.

Wagner pulled a gun and fired, deputies say.  One of the women was struck in the chest.

Wagner fled the scene but deputies found him when one of the women recalled the tag number on his car.   The number was traced to his home address. Wagner was found at his residence at 5725 Mitchell Court attempting to remove his car's license plate, deputies say.

Wagner had a loaded handgun in a holster on his person.

He is now being held without bond.



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