Pasco County Sheriff wants beating suspect to turn herself in peacefully

NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. - In a mug shot taken for previous arrests, Vannessa Musson's hair is brown.  Detectives suspect it could now be bleach blonde and cut short in an attempt to elude capture.

"It's only a matter of time that we are going to find her.  We are going to be relentless," said Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco.

Sheriff Chris Nocco is appealing directly to Musson:  Surrender.

"To Vannessa, we are asking her to turn herself in, for her to come in to law enforcement and end this peacefully." said Nocco. "We have already had to send our SWAT team out once to a location we thought she was at, and when we find other locations we are prepared to send our SWAT team out again because she's proven she can be violent."

On her 26th birthday this past Friday, Musson, along with a mother and son team identified as Bobbie Jo and Bryan Curtis are accused of tying up 44-year-old Joe Bruno, beating him so violently, that's he's still in the hospital.

The Curtises were caught, but Musson is still on the streets and is armed.
Deputies said they also beat a 69-year-old neighbor with a baseball bat when he saw the trio taking items from Bruno's home and grew suspicious.  That neighbor, David Ragon, is out of the hospital and Nocco say's he's a hero.

"If Mr. Ragon had never gone across the street, he would not have been a victim but at the same time we would have never known about Mr. Bruno," said Sheriff Nocco.

Nocco fears he could been in the home for days without being discovered. He lived a quiet life and met Bobbie Jo Curtis on a singles website and invited her and her son to move in. Another element of this case that troubles Nocco,.

"Always remember you don't know who you are talking to on the other end. They may say they are a nice individual.  They say they may do this business all the time and maybe someone is setting you up to commit a robbery and maybe someone is setting you up to steal your items, and even worse someone may be setting you up to hurt you," Sheriff Nocco said.

In the meantime, deputies are working overtime.  They hope a picture of a van similar taken from Bruno's home with license tag 366TQH and a $1,000 reward will lead to Musson being put behind bars.

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