Pasco County Sheriff deputy severely bitten in arm by dog

ZEPHYRHILLS, Fla. - A Pasco County Sheriff deputy ended up in the hospital suffering from a dog bit Sunday afternoon.

Officials say the deputy arrived at the home at 39809 Cole Avenue in Zephyrhills, around 2:30 p.m. after he thought he saw a woman trying to wave him down.

After learning that the woman didn't need his services the deputy started to leave. As the deputy made his way back to his patrol car a pitbull charged at him and bit his arm.

The deputy pulled his gun on the animal and fired shots at it in self-defense. The dog was shot and killed.

The dog belonged to Demetria Livington, 47, who was cited for failure to contain the animal properly and failure to tag the dog properly.

The dog bit the deputy so badly that it punctured an artery. He was transported to Tampa General Hospital by ambulance where he is undergoing surgery.

It is believed that the pitbull charged the gate surrounding the home and was able to set himself free.

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