Pasco County homeowners nervously watch flooding, brings memories of Tropical Storm Debby

Residents at Holiday Travel Park in Pasco County can only think of what Tropical Storm Debby did to them last year.

Water at the park has left a large pond overflowing, flooding the streets, and creeping closer, and higher, to their front doors Wednesday morning. 

"I was just coming out to take a couple pictures to compare them to the year before last when we got flooded out," said resident Randolph Dreher.

He was standing in water that covered his feet.

During Debby, he had several inches inside of his mobile home.

"I've been praying. Hoping that it would stop or subside, sure. It's no fun getting flooded out," Dreher said.

The park sits near US-19 and Alternate-19.  The confluence of the Anclote river and several lakes runs right through the area.

Sewers clogged up and water has quickly overtaken the small roads in the mobile home park.

The rain hasn't quite stopped in a day and a half.

We caught up with Meryl Parkton who was delivering sandbags to her elderly neighbors, she says they'll need them more than she does.

"I'm more nervous for the people that redid their Florida rooms last year, the low-lying Florida rooms. A lot of people had damage. I'm lucky," she said.

Parkton, like the other residents is trying not to get too concerned, but just in case, she says, she has a backup plan.

"I have cats so i figure if I need more sandbags I could always use their litter and pillowcases."

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