Pasco County hit hard by storm's wind

Fast moving storms whipped through the Tampa Bay on Thursday. It toppled trees and knocked power out for some people in Pasco County.
The worst damage happened in Land O’ Lakes. 
Strong winds picked up part of the roof in this mobile home park and peeled it off like a can. 


Resident Teri Landess witnessed the damage. 

Landess could not believe the power of the wind. She says it all happened very quickly. 
"All of a sudden I just saw the whole roof come off […] and land on my neighbors cars," she said.
The roof also took down power lines. It landed in Timmy Cano's driveway. 
"Believe it or not there are two cars under there,” he said. “There is the SUV. Under the center of it there is another small car."
The car is his and SUV belongs to his mother, Carrie Howell. She said nobody was injured as a result.
"That is all that matters,” she said. “We can replace the cars if they are that damaged."
The roof mainly dented the car and SUV. No one was injured. This is a day people here will remember for a long time.
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