Pasco County family hit hard by Debby celebrates the 4th of July

Surviving the storm

PASCO COUNTY, Fla. - A Pasco County family, hit hard by Tropical Storm Debby, is dealing with the aftermath this Fourth of July.

Troy and Robert Fields had to temporarily move into their son and daughters' home next door on Sunrise Lane, because of the damage to their place.

Fields says the couple can take care of them because of their physical ailments. Debby dumped three feet of water around both homes. Now, the water has receded and is about six inches deep.

Mattresses, couches, and a trailer are just a few of the things that sit in the front yard, submerged in water. Fields said, "It's ruined everything!"

But the living conditions are by no means comfortable.  In fact, the family says it's tough for them to celebrate the Fourth. 

Troy and her grandchildren have spent days trapped inside the home because of the flood waters.  Instead of barbecuing, Troy rides in the back of a pickup to dry ground.

She's diabetic, has asthma and lost part of her leg. Now, she's confined to a wheelchair and needs to work out daily.   Fields said, "If I don't, I lose control of the muscles and everything that I've got."

Robert Fields is an Army Veteran and also battles health problems.  He just had a heart attack.

But today, all of his strength is focused on finding a way for his granddaughter to enjoy Independence Day. Fields said, "We had planned a barbecue for them. Shoot off some fireworks."

So some time tonight, the family, who celebrates the holiday every year, will pile back into the truck to shoot fireworks from the street corner.  They'll forget, for just a moment, the damage Tropical Storm Debby has done.

Troy Fields said, "Can't let it get to us." The Fields' say they'll move back into their home as soon as the water recedes.

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