Pasco County detectives arrested a man after he commented on his picture as "Fugitive of the Day"

HUDSON, Fla. - Detectives arrested a fugitive after he commented on his own picture, displayed on the Pasco County Sheriff's Office Facebook page.

Matthew Oliver, 23, is charged with robbery after PCSO reports he held down a man and stole his wallet in the Family Dollar parking lot on Little Road in Hudson.


"He had both his hands wrapped and putting pressure on my Adam's apple," Victor Hand remembered. "I couldn't move at all."


The incident occurred on December 8, 2012. After several months of searching, PCSO posted Oliver's picture as their "Fugitive of the Day" on Facebook.


In less than two hours, Oliver posted a comment defending himself.


"You guys are going to pay for A. Believing a crack head and B. Slandering my name," he wrote.


Then, other people responded.


"Ur runnin from the popo & post on your picture? Lol," one person wrote.


"Really!?!? You're not doing a good job hiding," another person commented.


The thread gained more than 300 comments, some of which led detectives to Oliver's location, where they arrested him.


"He said, 'I know you guys have been watching me on Facebook. I probably got your attention,'" explained Sgt. Dan Olds.


Sgt. Olds calls Facebook one of their better crime fighting tools, but admits suspects rarely make it this easy.


"It's the 21st century 'Wanted' poster and it's a very useful tool for us," Sgt. Olds said. "Really what he did was he publicly acknowledged that he knew he had a warrant and didn't do anything to turn himself in or cooperate with us whatsoever."


Hand believes Oliver wanted to get arrested, and he's glad he did. He says Oliver and another childhood friend, Jared Daley, ran off with the $350 he planned to use for rent.


Additionally, when Oliver wasn't taunting PCSO on Facebook, Hand says Oliver taunted him personally for being a snitch.


"That they were going to come in my window with sniper rifles and rope and take me out when I was sleeping," he said.

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