Pasco County deputies say Kristin Cardwell, 53, exploited her father who suffers from dementia

PASCO COUNTY, Fla. - Pasco County deputies say Kristin Cardwell exploited her elderly father who suffers from dementia.

Cardwell, of 4303 Canna Lily Drive in New Port Richey, is now facing exploitation of the elderly charges.

Deputies say the 53-year-old Cardwell obtained her father's personal papers while his wife was away.  Deputies say the man's wife, who was out of town, is the Power of Attorney and handles all the couple's finances.

On May 31, an arrest report states that Cardwell applied for a credit card, listing herself as the primary and her father as a secondary.  Cardwell's application was denied.

On June 3, deputies say Cardwell went to a credit union with her 73-year-old father and filled out a credit card application in her father's name and added herself as an authorized user.

Deputies say Cardwell took possession of both credit cards when the application was approved, had the monthly bills sent to her P.O. Box and charged more than $10,000 in a four month time frame.

The victim's wife said she had no knowledge a credit card had been applied for and that Cardwell admitted to opening the account when she was confronted.

The victim's physician confirmed the victim is unable to make financial or medical decisions for himself due to his diminished mental capacity, an arrest report states.

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