Pasco County begins removal of Tropical Storm Debby debris

PASCO COUNTY, Fla. - It's been two weeks now since Tropical Storm Debby dumped all that water into this part of Pasco County.  And now, as the area dries out, the debris is stacking up, and homeowners like Karl Lichtenberg are getting a little antsy.

"It's been frustrating," he said, standing in his yard.  "But it's nobody's fault, it's just frustrating."

Karl has been hard at work getting the first floor of his home repaired -- and while the inside's been cleared -- the outside has been stacking up with debris.  So too have the yards of his neighbors, with piles of storm struck stuff growing at an alarming pace. There's so much debris that one neighbor brought in his own dumpster. 

Monday,  Lichtenberg got word that the County's debris pick up will be headed here, but he's just not sure when.

"We have a good game plan and we're moving forward with it," said John Power, the Solid Waste Manager for Pasco County.  He explained that their plans have been fluid and in flux right through the start of their scheduled storm-stuff clean-up. They're still not sure who'll pay for all of this, but two weeks after Debby, it's time to start getting debris off of the street.
"A lot of it also is that it'll take a little while for the people to get it out to the curb," he added.  "So we don't want to go too quick, because we'll have to go back again and repeat what we're currently doing."

Residents are urged to put the debris in the right of way, outside gates or fences so that the crews can more easily get to it and get it gone.

So, bottom line here, the county will get to Debby's debris -- eventually. And folks like Karl can count on the county.  They're counting on him though for just a little bit of patience.  It's likely going to be a 4-6 week process before all of the storm debris is gone, moved into a demolition landfill site just off U.S. 19.

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