Paint problem in Pasco subdivision Lennar Homes

Homeowner says water leaks inside

HUDSON - "Well it is very frustrating because you are only talking about a four year old house," said homeowner Karl Crawford.

Crawford is a contractor and he says he knows a bad paint job when he sees one.

"Even the cheapest Sherman Williams paint, which is what they use on these houses, has got a 15 year warranty, and you are in it for four years, and it's absolutely no good," said Crawford.

Crawford moved into his Hudson home six months ago, and he says after heavy rains, he noticed his base boards were popping loose from moisture seeping through the walls.

Then on the outside of his house, he discovered rust from the stucco mesh dripping down the walls.

There's also cracking, and fading.

He blames the builder, Lennar homes, saying the paint is so thin there's nothing to block water when it rains.

"I don't know that they sealed the stucco before they painted it. It looks like they did what's called conditioning, which means they watered it down," said Crawford.

Karl says he's not alone, and the majority of homes in the Verandahs subdivision have the same problem.

Crawford says multiple attempts to reach out to Lennar homes have gone no where.

We also let Lennar know about his problem, and they say they're working to get in touch with the homeowner and will look into the issue.

"We have been one of the area's largest builders for many years and take all customer care issues very seriously," Lennar Homes wrote to ABC Action News.

In the meantime, Crawford says he could easily paint his home and get it fixed, but that wouldn't do his neighbors any good. And he wants someone to take responsibility and do properly seal and paint his home.

"Honestly that's the way that it should have been done anyway," said Crawford.

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