Odessa man in large drug trafficking ring tied to Mexico gets 70 months behind bars

ODESSA - An Odessa man was sentenced to 70 months behind bars for his part in a large drug trafficking ring with ties to Mexico.

William Shaw, 43, was the last of 20 people arrested in the organization and he was charged with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute 50 grams or more of meth.

Shaw pled guilty on March 29, and was sentenced Wednesday.

Court documents indicate that from early 2008  through July 2011, the drug trafficking organization that Shaw was involved with sold pound quantities of methamphetamine in the central Florida area. 

The methamphetamine was made in Mexico and was transported from Texas to Georgia.  From Georgia, it was sent via couriers, several times a week, to central Florida. 

The meth was  then distributed to the members of the traffic ring to be sold. 

It is estimated that the DTO distributed more than 2,500 pounds of methamphetamine in central Florida over a 3-year period.

Shaw is the last of twenty individuals to be sentenced by Judge Bucklew for his participation in this DTO.

The nineteen other members of the DTO previously pleaded guilty and have been sentenced for their participation

Twelve of the twenty individuals are not U.S. citizens and have significant ties to Michoacan, Mexico. 

Once the aliens complete their prison sentences, they will undergo deportation proceedings.

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