Residents evacuated from their homes, after reports of a possible explosive device

New Port Richey, Fla. - Residents in one New Port Richey neighborhood had to evacuate their homes for hours after police got a phone call about a possible explosive device.

Police say they got a call Saturday afternoon about a man who lived on the 5800 block of Pine Street. Police say they arrived at the house, after learning the person inside had outstanding warrants for his arrest.

Lt. Arthur Madden with the New Port Richey Police Department said, "In addition, he possibly had weapons and possibly had an explosive device. So my officers arrived. The subject was not here. My guys secured the scene."

Helene Decors had just gotten home when she says police gave her some disturbing news. Decors said, "A fireman knocked on our door and told us we need to evacuate because there was a bomb across the street from us." That's the reason the Tampa Police Department Bomb Squad arrived moments later. Investigators identified what they called "an object" on the side of the home and dismantled it.

Police say 24-year-old Harlin Bruce Miller, Jr. could have left the area because there is a warrant out for his arrest. 

According to officials, his mother made the initial call stating that her son had an active warrant out and that he had access to weapons and possibly an explosive device.

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