Pepin Academy opens new school for students with special needs in Pasco Co.

Third Pepin Academy to open in Bay Area

The unveiling of the first Pepin Academy Charter School in Pasco County was one well attended Thursday afternoon. 

Dignitaries, city officials, teachers and administrators of the school all gathered to welcome the first of it's kind to the county.  A school providing special needs education for children grades Kindergarten through twelfth grade.

Pepin Academy in Pasco County will start its first two years third grade through tenth and will add the rest after that, even soon offering a post-graduation program to get students ready to go out in the world after their senior year.

“Were a therapeutic center, so we have these services all day long," said Crisha Scolaro, Co-Founder of Pepin Academies.  "We have speech and language.  We have occupational therapy and physical therapy.  We have a full-time RN.  we have labs that just key in on what those learning disabilities are.  So we get these kids and we are allowed by law, as a charter school to specialize in this education.”​​

The school will be home to 300 students and there are still spaces available.  For more information visit their website at .



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