New Port Richey teens arrested for brutally beating a homeless man

Victim may die as a result of his injuries

NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. - "It's beyond my comprehension," Carla Truby exclaimed.

Truby and her sister, Debra, came out to the corner of Kentucky Ave. and Congress St. Friday afternoon to see for themselves where their brother Frank Randolph, 54, was brutally beaten. The two sisters just found out Randolph was homeless and had been living in the woods.

His bloodied mattress was still there.

"It's horrific that somebody would treat my brother like dirt on the bottom of their shoe," Truby said.

Randolph, a homeless man who suffered from edema and could barely walk, was laying on his mattress on Tuesday when he told police three teens started attacking him. According to the New Port Richey police report, the teens threw logs, concrete, and sticks at him. Police say they even urinated all over him. He suffered numerous injuries, including a broken collar bone.

He appeared to be dead by the time people found him. His body was covered in maggots and feces.

"You think you've seen it all and then something like this comes about and it's just terrible," said New Port Richey Det. Greg Williams. .

"It hurts me as a person to know that anybody could even think about doing that to somebody," said Randolph's sister, Debra Randolph.

Police were able to link two New Port Richey teens, a 15-year-old and a 16-year-old, to the beatings. A third teenager is being investigated, but police say they do not have enough evidence at this time to say he was involved.

According to Williams, the 16-year-old has an extensive criminal history including multiple arrests for battery, burglary, and even threatening to blow up a police station. He, alongside his 15-year-old friend, were both arrested on charges of aggravated battery. They are being held in juvenile detention. No one answered at either of their homes when ABC Action News knocked on their doors Friday evening.

Detectives believe they attacked Randolph out of boredom. Williams said they were "showing off."

"It was all for fun. They were amusing each other, basically. It was entertainment for them," Williams said.

But it's the furthest thing from fun and games for Randolph's family.

"What kind of fun is that? How do you get enjoyment out of somebody else's pain," Truby asked. "I just don't understand that concept, not at all."

Randolph remained in critical condition Friday night at Morton Plant North Bay Hospital. Police and family both say he may die as a result of his injuries.

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