City considers demolishing condemned trailers

Some residents stay put despite conditions

NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. - Marlene Rogers does what she can to keep her trailer looking good.  "Just as long as it's clean in my area, that's all I care about."

But it's not easy when you are surrounded by condemned trailers and piles of garbage.  More than 50 units at the Walden Pond Mobile home park are marked condemned.

"It's sort of disgusting. It is," said Rogers.

The saga at this park has been going on for months.  The owners ordered everyone to leave, but never followed eviction guidelines.  Eleven units are still occupied.

Marlene's lived here more than ten years and says she's staying put.  "I have never got a proper eviction notice yet."

City leaders have gone back and forth with Walden Pond ownership to get the condemned trailers demolished and the park cleaned up, but little has been done.

Code Enforcement officer Liz Nichols says she's out here three times a day.  "I think the city is growing impatient.  And I guess we'll see how far the patience is."

Now things are getting dangerous.  People are tearing these trailers apart for scrap, causing them to collapse.

"It's becoming a public safety issue for residents and for the city's emergency responders," said Nichols.

The city is prepared to start demolishing condemned trailers immediately, and then putting a lien on the property until they are reimbursed by Walden Pond owners. It could cost more than $100,000.

In the meantime, more trailers are falling apart and the garbage pile grows, all at the place Marlene calls home.

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