Tropical Storm Debby leaves lingering damage as Bass Lake overflows into residents' homes

PASCO COUNTY, Fla. - For Irene Fields and her family, making the trip home is more like navigating an obstacle course.

Irene lives on Sunrise Lane in New Port Richey the family's truck is the only way they can make it in and out of their home. Bass Lake sits behind Field's house and she said she thought there would be flooding from Tropical Storm Debby, but not as much as she has.

"I did not expect the aftermath to have four feet of water in your yard still," she said.

The flooding is so bad septic tanks in the neighborhood are over flowing.

"If anybody knows how a toilet smells when it is backed up and nasty that is how this backyard smells," she said.

Pasco County told us this afternoon they have been out during and after Debby to check out the situation. They said the area repeatedly floods and they have opened a drainage system downstream to help relieve the water logged areas, but with such a large volume of water it will simply take time.

The flooding has made their living situation difficult and Fields said it has made their ability to make a living nearly impossible. While their home is built up on stilts, a lot of their belongings are stocked underneath. Including her husband's work tools. He relies on them as a property maintenance worker.

"His chain saws, his tools everything is emerged in sewer water now," she said.

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