Alternative tranportation: Pasco women commute via horseback

Raising awareness of transportation options

New Port Richey - Cara Hacht and Jane Mundy can't get enough when it comes to riding their horses.

"A bad day on a horse is better than a good day anywhere else, as far as were concerned," said Mundy.

Hacht is a chiropractor in New Port Richey, and Mundy does her billing.  By car it's about a five minute drive to the office.

"The gas prices kept getting higher and higher and I said to Jane, 'why don't we just ride our horses?'  We got a backyard to put them in and we can ride back and forth and we love to ride,'' said Hacht.

So once a month the ladies gallop to work. Cara rides Maya and Jane rides Blackhawk.

"We've ridden in the Chasco Fiesta parade with these two, so riding on the road is nothing to them," said Mundy.

After about 45 minutes riding up Little Road and right past the gas pumps, the ladies made it to the office.

This one trip didn't save much gas, but they hope people will take notice and think of other ways to get around. Whether it's riding bikes like their friend and her daughter, walking, or maybe the most realistic option: Carpooling.

"You think about the commitment that we all used to have to make as a culture to get anywhere was by wagon or horse or walking," said Mundy.

While the work day is just starting for Cara and Jane, it's time for Maya and Blackhawk to rest. For now their job is over.

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