After storms, frogs fill up Pasco woman's pool

Nearby flood waters to blame

NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. - They started showing up Sunday. Tadpoles are growing into tiny frogs, and infesting Caroline Whicker's backyard.

"They are all over the neighborhood. They are in the grass. They are all over the house. You can't get in and out of your doors," said Whicker.

But most disturbing to the New Port Richey mother, the hundreds of frogs that are in her pool. And they are desperate to get out.

"They clump up in the corner. One hops over the other and they are off to safety wherever they go," said Whicker.

So where are all the frogs coming from? Just a block away, all there is still a ton of water left from Tropical Storm Debby.

"It's been worse then what you see now," said Morty Said.

Said works a few steps from Aurora Drive, where some houses are no longer livable because of all the water that just won't go away.  "And the county -- or the city, whatever you want to call them -- don't do nothing about it. Nothing at all."

All around him, you can see the frogs hopping down the street. He says the water is full of all sorts of creatures.  "The only thing I haven't seen is gators."

The Pasco County Health Department says frogs can carry salmonella. So handling them is not a good idea. If you do, you should wash your hands.

But the hoppers do provide a useful service. They will eat up all those mosquitoes that are also breeding in the flood waters.

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