Neighbors offer help and support to family that lost twins in fire

Investigation into cause still ongoing

MOON LAKE, Fla. - The memorial at the burned-out mobile home has pictures, hand written notes from children, crosses, even a sneaker that belonged to one of the twins.

All throughout the day, people stopped by to put something along the fence.

"Our hearts go out to them.  They were very good people," said family friend Justina Joa.

Joa and her group brought balloons, a stuffed bunny, and flowers.  She says she can't imagine what the family is going through after the death of three-year-old Micah and his twin sister Miah.

"It's good to actually be there for somebody in time of need," said Joa.

The family lost everything in Monday's fire in the Moon Lake Estates neighborhood of New Port Richey.  There is still no word from the Pasco County Fire Marshall or the Sheriff's Office as to what caused the fire.

Meanwhile, some in the community are doing what they can to get the family some of the things they need to move forward.

A woman who only wanted to be identified as 'Rebecca' says she volunteers at the soup kitchen in Moon Lake, and will spend the week collecting what she can at a plaza at 1012 Moon Lake Road.

She came with a friend to drop off clothes and dishes for the twins' parents and the two older children who were at school when the fire ripped through their home.

"We'll bring back more," said Rebecca as she left the items with a neighbor.

Rebecca says it's hard to realize how devastating this fire was until you've been here in person to see what's left and what's gone.

"Kind of overwhelming and two of the most beautiful children that I've ever seen. It's very sad," said Rebecca.

It is hard to find words for a tragedy like this. But one note hanging on the fence ends by saying goodbye to the twins, "our forever angels, Miah and Micah."

The twins' mother, Shannon Garza, was injured in the fire. She had burns on her arms, but was released from the hospital.

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