Naked man says 'rage' led to attack and chase

Suspect admits to history of mental illness

HOLIDAY, Fla. - Talking behind the glass at the Pasco County Jail, Abraham Luna broke down talking about how he says the murder of his brother set him off on a bizarre night of violence.

"I did what I thought I had to do."

Luna, who admits to a history of mental illness, says when he went to a 7-11 in Holiday, someone there was joking about the recent death of his brother.

He says that sent him into a rage. 

"When I went to confront him, I decided to get naked because that's the best way to do that sort of thing. When two men are going to fight, the one that's naked usually wins."

Authorities say Luna, who was indeed in the nude, assaulted one of the clerks, and then took off in a van.

As Sheriff's deputies chased him, they say Luna drove the wrong the way on US 19 and sideswiped a cruiser before he was eventually caught.

"This was a extremely dangerous situation. Driving US 19 you have to be careful anyway. And then if you have a individual driving at a high rate of speed in the wrong direction, it could be potentially deadly," said Pasco Sheriff's spokesperson Doug Tobin.

When it was all over, Luna was left with at least 9 different charges including assault, reckless driving and aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer.

"It was an emotional event, followed by another emotional event that triggered another emotional event and it just added up," said Luna.

Luna, who's hand tattoo reads "my mother is my world," says he was wrong to run away from deputies, but says he blacked out and plans on pleading temporary insanity.

Investigators says he also fits the description of a man seen wearing only construction boots running at the Tarpon Springs golf course. That is just down the street from Luna's home.

When we checked with The Tarpon Springs Police Department, they said they checked on Luna's brother and he is alive and well.

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