Movie theater shooter waives right to speedy trial

Curtis Reeves holding up "as best he can"

DADE CITY, Fla. - Accused movie theater shooter Curtis Reeves has waved his right to a speedy trial.

His attorney Dino Michaels said Wednesday that Reeves is holding up in jail "the best he can."

"This man's life is on the line, a 71-year-old man who's not in the best of health. Any type of sentence he receives is a death sentence," Michaels said.

Reeves' attorney said with so much at stake he wants as much time as needed for their investigation into what happened at a Wesley Chapel movie theater Jan. 13.

"It's essential to be prepared. That's more important than rushing because somebody unfortunately is being held without bond," Michaels said.

Reeves is charged with second-degree murder for fatally shooting Chad Oulson during an argument over texting.

The next hearing won't be until July 9 with a trial possible sometime in the fall.

Legal expert Jeffrey Swartz from Cooley Law School said this is a complicated case. He understands why the defense wants to take its time. They have to line up experts and witnesses to testify.

"He has to be sure that he has the case put together the right way. This is a self-defense case that he's got to really sell and you can't do this on the fly," said Swartz.

Both sides agreed Wednesday to make all the state's evidence public, although much of the evidence was already shown in court, including surveillance video from inside the theater.

"The video speaks loudly of the fact that this guy had absolutely no reason to do what he did. And there is further proof with that video," said T.J. Grimaldi, attorney for Chad Oulson's widow, Nicole.

Reeves was denied bond last month during a lengthy hearing.

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