More tech companies calling Pasco home

Online gaming business continues to grow

Odessa - Nestled away on the top floor of an Odessa office building is a digital playground complete with armored guards at the front desk and offices full of toys.

"You wake up wanting to go to work and you work long hours, yes, for salary. But a lot of us go above and beyond because it's fun and we are contributing to an awesome cause," said Aritx Entertainment Executive Manager Lindsey Weitman.

CEO Adam Bohn started Artix Entertainment in his garage and now the online gaming company has more than 40 workers and thousands of customers.

"It didn't happen on purpose. It's just one of those things that happened because the players asked for it. We responded. And we've always had a really close relationship with our players," said Bohn.

Their most popular game is Adventure Quest Worlds.

"You get to play with other players. You get to chat. You get to talk. You guys get to go and battle the same monster. We have weekly content so it's always new," Weitman said.

Artix is one of several technology companies that call Pasco County home.

The Pasco Economic Development Council works with 16 different tech companies. It says they created 108 new jobs in 2013 and gave a $7 million boost to the local economy.

Other tech companies in Pasco include CareSync, currently developing an app to manage your family's health care records.

And there's also Communications Concepts, on the cutting edge of video security systems.

Artix Entertainment's CEO said the company would never be able to afford such a large office if they were somewhere else.

"Pasco County is the greatest area to run a business. Don't tell anyone. It's the best kept secret," said Bohn.

Leaders with the Pasco Economic Development Council don't want it to be a secret anymore. They are hoping the base of tech companies already doing business there lead to more.

Artix is hoping to grow with the addition of a new game for mobile devices.

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