More images released in Dade City cold case murder

Victim was found in 1989

PASCO COUNTY - His body was found more than two decades ago near an orange grove off Prospect Road in Dade City.

He was shot twice. But before authorities in Pasco County can solve the murder, they must first figure out who the victim is.

"Somebody knows something out there. There's a lot of information that's new to this case that will hopefully give us some leads," said Sheriff Chris Nocco.

Some of that new information came thanks to work of USF anthropologist Dr. Erin Kimmerle.

Just as she has done for law enforcement agencies all around the bay area, she has taken a skull and created a digital facial reconstruction.

"It is science, but it is also art. It's a likeness, it's an approximation. And the idea is that something about that face, some feature will hopefully jog someone's memory," said Kimmerle.

The body was found January 24, 1989.  It was there for as long as two years and was badly decomposed.

There were some small sections of skin that had mummified, allowing investigators to recreate the tattoos the man had on his left bicep and forearm.

The victim was wearing a sleeveless t-shirt with an Indian on the back and navy blue mechanics pants with the name Randy on the label.

"I have quite a bit of history with data basis that I'm going to start searching through to see if Randy is this person's name. But of course if anyone know someone who's missing whose name is Randy I'd like to hear from them," said detective David Boyer.

The murder victim wore cowboy boots, mismatched socks, and a pair Givenchy glasses. He had a couple lighters and a beer can nearby.
Investigators know a lot about the man found lying dead near an orange grove.  They hope the next thing learn is his identity.

If you have any information call Detective Boyer at 352-518-5002. And for more information on the case go to

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