Marijuana found in Pasco County fire station

A small amount of marijuana was found in a Pasco County Fire Rescue station in Zephyrhills, according to county officials.
A fire employee discovered a quarter ounce of marijuana shavings in the bay where the fire trucks are stored at Station 16, according to the county. The bay door was open.
"I find that unsafe, unnecessary, and what kind of example are you really showing?” asked Luis Orengo, a Zephyrhills resident who aspires to become a firefighter. "If they possibly are smoking and driving, then that is even worse."
The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office was called to the station after the marijuana was found Friday morning.
An internal investigation is underway to see if any county employees were involved in placing the marijuana in the station.
Not everyone in Zephyrhills has a problem with the discovery.
"It’s illegal,” resident Terrell Bunyan said. “But, I mean, you know. It's a grey area."
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