Man sentenced to die for murder of elderly woman

John Sexton was convicted of killing Ann Parlato

PASCO COUNTY, Fla - John Sexton was sentenced to death Friday morning for the murder of 94-year-old Ann Parlato in 2010.It was an emotional day for friends and family of Parlato who were in court.

Jeri Barr, Parlato's niece and Dori Cifelli, a friend, held each other and berated a collective sigh of relief as the judge told Sexton he was sentenced to death.

Sexton showed little emotion.

Sexton beat and sexually assaulted Parlato before killing her and mutilating her body.

The sheriff said at the the crime scene was worse than any horror movie.

Cifelli was the one who found her dead, a graphic scene she still struggles with.

"For three years I have had to fight a recurring vision of Ann's beaten face. I found her on the living room floor and never have I felt so hopeless or horrified," Cifelli said.

Cifelli and Barr both spoke in court Friday morning calling her a kind, loving person.

Afterward, Barr said in this case, there is no room for forgiveness.

"Forgive him? Never," Barr said. "There's no reason. How could you forgive a man who so brutally took the life of a 94 year old woman. No. This was too heinous a crime."

For her there is one more step to be taken for her to finally feel closure.

"When he takes his last breath and i hope to be there," said Barr.

The case will go to an appeals court.

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