Looking for the Powerball winner in Zephyrhills

ZEPHYRHILLS, Fla. - In a tiny town of 13,000 people, word can travel quickly.  Especially when someone in this Pasco County community could claim a prize worth 12 times the city's annual $49 million budget.
"Do you think you know who it is?" I asked Jonathon Rocha.  "No," he responded. "I don't.  No clue."

Over at the point-of-purchase Publix, we tried to track down rumors that a bag boy bought winning ticket, but no employees were allowed to talk with us, leaving us to ask others, like Barbara Waters.

"I wish I did, but no," she said.  "I don't have any idea.  Nobody knows anything."

So I started thinking, What would a big-buck winner do?  Head to the bank?  Maybe.  But there is no sign of any unusual account activities anywhere in town.

Then I figured a financial planner could have a clue.

"So has anybody come in here looking for advice?" I asked Financial Advisor Ralph Sevelius.

"They haven't," he said.  "Not today.  But I do recommend that the person who has won the Lotto seek out the advice of a financial advisor."

Or maybe a Realtor.

"Anyone come in asking about getting the biggest, best house in the city?" I asked Michael Prilliman.

"Not yet," he answered.  "But we expect them to.  We're waiting on 'em."

Down at the liquor store, Harry Patel was waiting for a big booze buy, maybe something top shelf.  But all he's heard are the rumors.

Patel said he heard about the big winner.  "A 24-years-old lady," he said.  "You know, single mom won the ticket and I don't know if its true or not, but they put it on Facebook."

And the posts are pointing toward a Wal-Mart worker.  At least that's what Charlia Compton heard.

"I don't know, I walked up on the conversation, that's all I know," she said.  "That's all that anyone's talking about around here.  That's it."

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