Residents make voices heard in fight to move proposed Progress Energy tower

Utility held open house for concerned residents

LAND O LAKES, Fla. - A Pasco County neighborhood voiced their strong opinions Thursday night in the fight to move a proposed communications tower.

Progress Energy began construction on a 275-foot tower in August, but the company stopped when it got flooded with complaints.

"Nothing good is going to come out of this," Rick Narckiwiez told ABC Action News back when construction began

"Put it over there.  Put it next to the lumber yard.  Don't put it as close as physically possible to our entry way," he said.

He and his neighbors are mostly concerned with property values.

Narckiwiez just dumped a lot of money on a new swimming pool.

On Thursday, Progress Energy held an open house to listen to the neighborhood.

"We tried to be responsive to our customers' concerns, and our customers came to us and said we don't have a problem with the tower.  It's the location of the tower on the site," said Rob Sumner, spokesman for Progress Energy.

He said moving the tower is an option, but it will depend on the engineering and cost factors.

Another possibility: dress it up with trees and shrubs to make it a little easier on the eyes.

"The last thing we need is another structure that would take away from it, especially since it's so industrial," said Al Marano, President of the Sunset Lakes Property Owners Association.

The company says it will continue to take written public input before making a final decision.

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