PSO: A Pasco man in foreclosure threatens deputies on Facebook and in person

His wife says it's all a big misunderstanding

LAND O' LAKES, Fla. - Thomas Pridham, 42, was arrested by the Pasco Sheriff's Office for threatening a law enforcement officer. 

"I'm not surprised. He's really odd," said a neighbor named Terese. 
Terese didn't want us to show her face. She is still a bit freaked out by what deputies say her neighbor did just outside her home Tuesday night. 
According to PSO, deputies went out to Pridham's home at 24847 Gun Smoke Drive in Land O'Lakes after several people reported that Pridham was making threatening remarks to law enforcement on his Facebook page. 
Pridham's house is in foreclosure. 
The incident report says Pridham posted online that he would harm any member of the sheriff's office trying to serve him an eviction notice. When deputies went to his house, they say he admitted to posting the threat. He said he was "only venting about his misfortune." Deputies then let him return to his residence.
Moments later, the report says he re-emerged from his house in a threatening manner, wearing full Army fatigues and lacing up boots as if "he was ready for combat." Inside his right boot, they saw a .38 revolver in plain view. 
Deputies disarmed him in the driveway. He was arrested for threatening a public servant. 
His wife, who spoke to ABC Action News through a cracked door, said she bailed him out of jail on Wednesday. She says this is all just one big misunderstanding. 
"I am very upset. I'm trying to be calm," she said. "He is so passive. I don't know why he did that. He is just so passive."
According to the report, after Pridham was arrested he posted another entry on Facebook saying, "The sheriff's office is monitoring my face book account now? Next time they better send the swat team!"


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