Pasco County School Board approves cell tower at Seven Oaks Elementary School

In a vote of 4-1, the Pasco County School Board voted to approve a cell tower at Seven Oaks Elementary School in Wesley Chapel. The only dissenting vote was chairwoman Alison Crumbley.
The vote took place Tuesday evening in a standing-room-only board room. Most of those in attendance were family members opposed to the cell tower.

Several took to the podium.
"I do everything I can to protect this child. I would hope the school board would do the same," grandfather Jim Berry told the school board.
"If it harms one child of any parent at that school, it's not worth it," said Dan Reyes, a parent of a 3rd grader at Seven Oaks.
Reyes has been one of the local leaders in a grassroots effort to stop the cell tower from going up on school grounds. The parents opposed fear the cell tower will expose school children to dangerous levels of radiation.
A petition circling the community gathered more than 1,000 signatures, but it wasn't enough to sway the school board.
Assistant Superintendent Ray Gadd argued if they don't install the tower at the elementary school, it will just go up somewhere else nearby. "No parents in Pasco County are going to be able to escape radiofrequency waves," Gadd said. "One way or another, they're going to put a cell tower up in the Seven Oaks area."
There are already five cell towers at Pasco County Schools and another two are in the works.
"I just wanted them to vote no," said Emerson Parks, a fifth grader at Seven Oaks. "Now they're putting a bunch of kids at risk and a bunch of adults."
According to the district, each tower generates thousands of dollars in revenue a year.
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