Jury will soon to decide if Brittany Miles tried to kill deputy in traffic stop

Woman says she didn't push deputy off moving truck

PASCO COUNTY - A jury will soon decide whether or not Brittany Miles intended to kill a Pasco County sheriff's deputy.

Both sides completed their closing arguments before 11 a.m. this morning. The jury will receive instructions and then be free to begin deliberations. 

In May 2011 Miles, a former stripper and daughter of a Hernando County Deputy was arrested for driving under the influence in Hudson.

Prosecutors say Miles escaped from her handcuffs, got out of a Sheriff's cruiser, got back in her truck and sped off.

According to investigators, Deputy Ashley Grady tried to stop Miles, but was dragged across the road, before falling into traffic.

Grady suffered a broken leg. She testified Tuesday that Miles intentionally shoved her from the moving truck, causing her to fall.

A tearful Miles took the stand Tuesday afternoon, telling the jury she didn't remember much from that morning. She said it all happened very fast and she did not push Deputy Grady.

Miles told the jury, "If I could take that back, I would. I didn't mean for her to get hurt. I just panicked."

If found guilty of attempted murder of a law enforcement officer, Miles could face life in prison.

After a high 100 mile an hour pursuit North on US 19, investigators say Miles slammed into Henry McCain on County Line Road.

Miles will go to trial again in Hernando County on first degree murder charges for McCain's death. That trial is set for January.

According to court documents, she had become dependent on prescription pills after she was hit by a drunk driver a couple years earlier.

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