Judge won't allow pot shirt in court

Defendant says he grows marijuana for medical use

NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. - Alfred Robinson showed up for court wearing a black t-shirt with a message he believes in.

It says "help legalize medical marijuana" and has an oversized marijuana leaf on the back.

"I just want to be left alone to take care of my own health. That's a personal responsibility," said Robinson.

The self-described medical marijuana missionary was back at the Pasco Court courthouse for another hearing in his case.

It's related to a July arrest after Pasco deputies found two marijuana plants on his Shady Hills property.

Robinson, who says he smokes pot to help severe back pain, burned several other plants before authorities arrived.

Last time, Judge Mary Handsel didn't notice his shirt.

This time, she told his attorney, Robinson can't wear it.  If he tried, bailiffs would keep him out.

"She says it's not an aspect of freedom of speech, but it's something that's illegal in Florida," said Robinson's attorney Michael Minardi.

"He can wear it in the courthouse.  He can wear it in the parking lot.  He can wear it in his house, in the mall, anywhere he wants," said Judge Handsel.

Just not inside the courtroom.

"I think it's a clear violation of his first amendment rights," said Minardi.

Robinson did indeed take the pot shirt off.  He had a Harley Davidson shirt underneath.

Because so many other states have now legalized medical marijuana, Robinson's attorney still hopes to have the charges dropped.

Meanwhile, Robinson says he goes by the same bible he's asked to swear in court. "First Genesis 29 and 30 talks about all green plants that produce seeds are meant for food."

If this case does continue on, it could be the first ever marijuana medical necessity trial ever in the state of Florida.

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