Data from 342 credit cards found on Hernando skimmers

Devices were found inside gas pumps

BROOKSVILLE, Fla. - As Lisa Erwin fills her tank with gas, she isn't sure what to do to keep from becoming another victim of credit card fraud.

"I only use my debit card, so that scares me," she said. "But I use mine at Target, too, when all that happened, and it was OK. You have to hope you are lucky and it doesn't happen to you."

The Hernando County Sheriff's Office just got back an analysis on the four skimmers they found this week at the Hess gas station on Cortez Boulevard and Spring Lake Highway.

On those devices -- 342 credit card numbers and the names to go with them.

"At this time many of the potential victims may not even be aware their cards have been compromised or even have been used at this time," said Det. Tony Aguiar.

The Sheriff's Office recommends getting a new card if you purchased gas at the Brooksville Hess.

But the good news, they said it's unlikely the cards were used because the skimmers found didn't have wireless capability, meaning someone had to physical remove them to get the info.

Because the skimmers were inside the machines, there's not much you can do other than to pay inside.

To avoid trouble, experts say to use a credit card rather than a debit card.

If you do use a debit card, never type in your pin. Instead select the credit card option.

They say cash is the best option.

No matter what authorities say, it's important to watch out for any fraudulent transactions on your accounts.

"Just reporting that type of activity to law enforcement, reporting suspicious people around gas pumps and that type of thing is the best way we can fight this," said Aguiar.

Some stations have their own hi-tech devices to fight the fraud. And the skimmers at the Brooksville Hess were spotted because the manager does normal inspections of the pumps.

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