Salon owner says coupon is fraudulent

HUDSON, Fla. - Diane DeGeorge bought a coupon book last week when the salesperson told her the money would be going to help wounded soldiers. 

But when she tried to use one of those coupons at the Magic Tan Salon and Spa in Hudson, she was told it was fraudulent.

Salon owner Catharine Siciliano says the coupon did not come from her store.  It even has an old logo from when she first opened the business.

"Our name is out there associated with helping wounded vets when they're not getting this money.  I'd more than be thrilled to help wounded vets," said Siciliano.

Diane and Catherine called police today to report the fraudulent coupons.  Both of them say its not about the money.  They just want it to go to veterans like they intended.

What bothers me is the vets aren't going to get this money.  I gave it to somebody that defrauded me and defrauded our vets," said DeGeorge.

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