Neighbors worried after sinkhole destroys home

Officials say the hole isn't growing

HUDSON - From the sound of things in one Beacon Woods neighborhood, you might think some of the houses are haunted.

"Every night we listen to little creaks or little things, and we say 'Is it happening?'" said Susan Rooney.

"It's like in the middle of the night, you hear this big crack noise and sometimes you hear a rumbling noise," said Nancy Sottile.

But instead of ghosts, residents say it's the unstable ground beneath them making all that racket and leaving them prone to sinkholes.

Dave Taylor lives next door to the home condemned Wednesday when a massive sinkhole swallowed up the back half. "It just kept kept falling into the hole, it lasted for an hour or two and just kept dropping."

He also saw his neighbor, Susan Minutullio, arrive to find emergency crews surrounding her house.
"She started to cry, what are you going to do?  It's her house."

Taylor who had to evacuate his home as well, spent Thursday morning helping Mintullio and her family salvage whatever belongs they could.

The sinkhole developed as a crew surveyed the home, checking for sink holes.

Neighbors say the area has been dealing with the problem for years.  "I don't know what's been put in the ground to cause all this, but it's happening.  It's happening," said Rooney.

Sottile says she's right in the middle of a fight with her insurance company over a sinkhole claim.  "I have all the signs, the slanting floors, the cracked walls, the cracked driveway. The cracked lanai."

As for Dave, next door to the home with the sinkhole, he says he would have stayed in his house, but his wife was afraid.  

The awful scene left him very concerned about his own home.  "All my belongs are there, my history is in there."

Like many people here, Dave says he had his home stabilized for sinkholes. But there have been lots of calls to insurance companies from people around here.  Everyone wanting to know if they are covered, and waiting for specialists to come out and tell them it won't happen where they live.

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