Bay Area school making the grade, in and out of the classroom

Hudson High has it's own lesson to teach

The faculty and staff at Hudson High School are teaching more than math and history.  They are writing the handbook in lessons of love, generosity and hope. 

Those lessons for the students, but some the community can learn from as well.

Of the 1,240 students on campus, 70-percent of them are on free or reduced lunch.  Some of them come to school hungry everyday.  Many don't even have enough clothes in their closet's at home to meet dress code.  In some cases, students don't even have a home to go to.  Rather, some spend the night in tents or cars.

It's a reality hard to grip, but one Hudson High teachers see everyday.  So instead of covering up the problem, they have found their own solutions.

The "Cobra Closet" is a room filled with clothes donated by faculty and staff. Students in need can go to the closet and pick up the necessities for classes. 

Down the winding hall, another room full of prom dresses.  Teachers, some students and the community donating dresses, shoes and other items for young ladies to wear for that special night.

While the teachers of Hudson have literally been a home away from home for  many of their students, they can do so much more with more help from the community.  They admit immediate community support is great, but at times, they still come up short when it comes to helping their students succeed, when many of them have such hard backgrounds.

To help the students and teachers at Hudson High continue to reach their goals, please email Assistant Principal at Hudson High, Jessica Meek at .  Call the school at 727-774-4200.  Or you can drop off clothing donations at 14410 Cobra Way, Hudson, FL 34669.

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