Arrested mom tells her side of school fight story

HUDSON, Fla. - Narci Vazquez-Carillo says she came to Fivay High School Thursday morning to meet with an assistant principal.  She says her daughter was being bullied, but she was the one in trouble.

She says her daughter was angry over a suspension and tried to leave a conference room.

"When she (my daughter) went out, I grabbed her hand and said you cannot leave the school.  And the police take her from me and throw her to the wall and I was very scared because he was throwing the girl wall to wall," said Vazquez-Carillo.

Authorities say the 16-year-old girl and her mother started the attack, and another student who lives with the family joined in too.

According to Corporal Richard Bynum, he was punched, pushed and even bitten in the alleged attack.

But Vazquez-Carillo says she did what any mother would have done.  "I say he's going to kill my daughter, so I protect my daughter with my body because he was hitting her very bad."

Then she says she watched as the deputy used a taser on her daughter.  "She fall down to the floor. And she felt so bad, she was crying."

The Sheriff's Office says they have eight witness statements and all agree the force used by the deputy was justified.

"This one by the assistant principal, it said that all three involved, the two students and the parent, were resisting for several minutes and attacking Corporal Bynum, and kept attacking him to the point that he had to use his Taser to bring it under control," said Sheriff's Office Spokesperson Doug Tobin.

"I think that if they let me do my part like mom, I could have calmed things down because I know my daughter," said Vazquez-Carillo.

The Sheriff's Office says the mother is welcome to file a complaint. The family says both teens were suspended from Fivay High School for ten days.

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