Homeowner uses cameras, Facebook to catch beer thief

Teen arrested and charged with burglary

TRINITY, Fla. - Every angle of Jeff Munger's home is covered by surveillance cameras, "to protect the family, and the house, and the belongings," he said.

The Trinity resident never saw anything more than raccoons raiding his garbage can on the cameras until last week.

"It made the hair on the back of my neck stand up," said Munger.

That's when he watched video of a teen on a bike ride right into his garage and steal from his refrigerator.

"That's a violation. A violation of your rights. There's a line right here and you don't cross it," said Munger.

Munger wouldn't have realized anything was stolen, but he noticed his refrigerator door had been left open.  At first he blamed his daughter.

"She assured me that she did not leave that refrigerator door open. I said 'Watch. I'm going to rewind the camera and show you that you left that door open,'" said Munger.

Once he realized he had a thief on his hands, Jeff quickly grabbed a still image from the video, and posted it on his subdivision's Facebook page.

"I probably had over 40 comments. I had people calling me left and right. I had over three eyewitnesses that could identify him and his bicycle. And the clothes that he had on," said Munger.

Residents in the neighborhood have used their Facebook page to share information in the past, about suspicious characters, or flood problems, but this is the first time it's led to an arrest.

"Less than an hour and half from when he did the deed, he was in handcuffs," said Munger.

The 16-year-old on the bike was charged with burglary. It turned out he lived on a neighboring street. Jeff says all he took were some beers and wine coolers, but Munger still plans on pressing charges.

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