Some homeowners in Pasco County are seeing water creep into their houses

Heavy rains creating minor flooding

Take a look around Bill Lang's yard in holiday and you would think he had a pond around his house.

"Last night it was up to the concrete level. It was all trough the back," Bill said.


Heavy rains the past few days caused water to build up around his home off Telogia Court. Luckily there was no real damage.


Last year during Tropical Storm Debbie water made it's way inside causing over $44,000 in damage.


That's something he wanted to keep from happening again.


"That's why we fit storm doors that we put against the exterior doors of the house to prevent the water from coming into the house," Bill said.


Other areas in Pasco county also saw some minor flooding.


"It's no fun getting flooded out," one resident of the Holiday Travel Park said. It's a mobile home park in Pasco County that saw streets filled with water this morning.


"We've gotten to the point where our watershed is basically full so it's not draining or percolating like it normally does," Ed Caum, Interim Public Communications Manager in Pasco County said.


County crews spent the past few morning being proactive by checking drains and culverts. "If there is a culvert that has been clogged up because of debris moving with the water, we get that culvert cleared out," Ed said.


Pasco County officials will continue to monitor areas throughout the weekend to see if anymore problems arise, and ask if residents do experience any problems to call (727) 847-2411.

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