23-year-old Baron Von Duke Vercruysse confesses to father's murder in Pasco arson

Torches home with body inside

Baron Von Duke Vercruysse told Pasco County Sheriff's Deputies he did it.

He killed his dad, then set his Pasco County home on fire with his father, 52-year-old Rene Vercruysse inside.

Baron, making his first appearance in a Pasco County Courthouse video hearing, is charged with first degree murder and arson.

According to his Facebook page, Baron was a new father.  Plenty of pictures of he and his new baby and pictures with his father as well.  All signs of happier times.

Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco says authorities responded to elder Vercruysse's home at 5617 Mosaic Drive in Holiday a little after 10:00 on New Year's Eve night.  When they got there, they saw the house, torched.  Later to find a body inside the master bedroom.

After further investigation, deputies began looking into the possibility of arson and sure enough, that's exactly what it was according to investigators.

They say the father and son got into some sort of altercation, Baron hit his dad over the head, killing him.  It was then that he lit the body on fire and left the house.

Although in depth details weren't made available as to how deputies located Baron, they did confirm they followed information that led them to the Holiday Lakes Estates area where they arrested Baron on Tuesday.

"Its just another tragedy that has happened in our community," said Sheriff Nocco.  

"But I can tell you, the hard work of our detectives, working 24 hours straight helped to solve this crime."

According to Pasco County jail records, Baron Vercruysse has been in trouble with the law before, but none of the charges appear to be violent in nature.  As to why he and his father were even arguing in the first place, deputies say they don't want to comment as the case is still under investigation.

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