Free setting helps man track stolen iPhone to local jail

PASCO COUNTY, Fla. - A Pasco County man's found his stolen iPhone at the local jail.

Jesse Scheffer says he went out to eat Saturday night at Whisky Willies in Land O' Lakes.  Afraid that he would misplace his iPhone at the restaurant, Scheffer said he left his phone inside his glove compartment.

When Scheffer left the restaurant hours later and got home, he realized his iPhone had been stolen.

"It's an expensive phone to replace," said Scheffer.  "So, I was very worried about it."

Scheffner recently locked his iPhone with a four digit passcode and turned on a free setting called iCloud.  The iCloud setting allows iPhone user to store contacts, calendars, photos, music, books, apps and more in the cloud.  The cloud is an online, password protected site created by Apple.

The setting also allows users to track the location of their iPhone should it get lost or stolen.  Scheffer did just that.  He logged on to and hit the "find my phone" button.

"I called them and I said, 'Listen, this might sound crazy but I'm getting a find my phone locator at the jail,'" Scheffer explained.

Deputies say they located Scheffer's iPhone in the personal belonging taken from Christopher Allen Lindsey.

Lindsey, 21, was arrested Saturday night at the same restaurant Scheffer was dining at.

"He was just fixing to get out for a drunk and disorderly and they were pushing me really hard to get down and verify that it was my phone so they could then re-arrest him for burglary and theft," Scheffer added.

In front of deputies, Scheffer was able to unlock thephone.  When deputies asked Lindsey to do they same, they say he claimed the phone belonged to his wife.

Lindsey was promptly re-arrested and is now facing grand theft and auto burglary charges.

He is being held on $10,000 bond.

"The best part about this is that this [the setting] was free," Scheffer said while laughing.

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