Hawk trashes home, gets caught in the act

Couple returns from vacation to find home trashed

BAYONET POINT, Fla. - Upon returning from vacation to their home in Bayonet Point, Bob and Linda Osgood found their place had been ransacked.

"I thought we were robbed," said Linda. "We thought it was kids that came in and had a party," added Bob.

Lamps were broken, cards and pictures were on the floor. In general, the house was in disarray.

The couple quickly called 911.

"Based on the call narrative it had all the signs of a burglary," said Pasco field training officer Kelly Endricks.

When Endricks and deputy Sharon Ioppolo arrived, they saw the mess and found one of the windows shattered.

But something just didn't add up.

"There's no way anyone could go through that window," said Endricks.

That's when Ioppolo found the suspect perched on the Osgood's flat screen TV.

"I thought it was a statue," she said.

That was no statue. It was a red-tailed hawk, who had torpedoed it's way though the glass window.

"He's as big as a sand crane," said Bob.

The bird made itself at home and didn't want to leave.

"When they came out they said do you folks own a bird? Do you have a bird? And we said no," said Linda.

So what would make the hawk dive through a glass window? Well it turns out the the couple had a cardinal stick-on hanging up for decoration. The hawk apparently thought the fake bird was lunch.

Endricks eventually used a broom to shoo the hawk out through the garage. And the hawk, who appeared to have an injured eye, flew away.

Then it was time to inspect the damage.

"He left a big mess," said Bob Osgood.

The hawk left bird poop everywhere, even a few feathers.

"I got you a keep sake," said a carpet cleaner who handed Linda a feather he found on the floor.

 The carpet cleaners had their work cut out.

"It just made us feel like the kids just came in, but it wasn't kids, it was a bird. The poor thing," said Linda.

"The poor thing? He ruined our house. The poor thing," huffed Bob with a smile.

The Osgood's have been married 56 years, and they've seen a lot, but nothing like what happened this week.

By the way, they don't plan on pressing any charges.

"We just hope he's ok," said Bob.

"We just hope he seeks medical help," said Linda.

One thing is for sure, the winged suspect is definitely a flight risk.


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