Flooding, construction headaches plaguing Pasco neighborhood

One family says diesel fuel leaked into their pool

NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. - It's not a photo album filled with great memories.

Kathy Idarola has saved dozens of pictures of the flooding that's plagued her New Port Richey neighborhood.
"The last three year's I've really been complaining about it."

After the county hired a construction company to replace drain pipes around Martell Street in the Veteran's Village neighborhood, residents thought things were about to improve.

"They keep asking us if it's better. And I don't think it is. I don't think it's much of an improvement for all the work they did," said resident Richard Beckett.

The flooding continues down streets and it was at it's worst after heavy rains hit on Saturday.

"It was a torrential downpour, I'd say we got 1.5 to 2 inches in an hour," said resident Tim Nicholson.

Some neighbors say a port-o-let leaked sewage.

And The Bandl's are worried after they say diesel fuel from a pump leaked on to their property.

"All in my pool, ground, all over the house, through the garage everywhere," said Chris Bandl.

I talked with the head of Pasco's storm water management department. He says, while he believes the amount of diesel that leaked was minimal, the county will take soil samples and do whatever they can to respond to the problem.

He also says a clogged pipe led to the excess flooding Saturday.

A county official told me they are very unhappy with mistakes made by the company contracted to do the work and they doubt they'd use them again. I was also told the county will pay for any repair and clean up costs, but take it out of what they are slated to pay the construction firm.

Still two days later, water is flowing down the streets.

"I saw a woman fall on her butt, the other day. Just because of what's left on the ground from the standing water."

In the meantime, work continues to fix this problem once and for all. And Kathy will be around taking pictures every step of the way.

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