Family beats Citizens in court, but waits for fix

They say home is coming apart from sinkhole

Reggie Johnson, a former NFL player, has a homespun method of demonstrating what he considers evidence of a sinkhole beneath his home: Bouncing a golf ball on the kitchen floor.
What does that hollow sound indicate?
“Holes or something,” he said. “Definitely not good.”
There are more obvious signs of a sinkhole beneath his Land O’ Lakes home. Johnson and his wife, Toni, have spent the last four years watching cracks develop across the floors.
"Some cracks you can actually lose your money (in),” Toni Johnson said. “It's like a slot machine."
They received confirmation of the sink hole, but Citizen Insurance agreed to pay for only a fraction of the repairs. A lawsuit related to the dispute between the couple and the insurance company went to trial this year. The couple won almost $270,000.
"Citizens’ position is that they are not going to pay for any repairs unless their experts say that that's the way they should be done,” he said.
But they say Citizens still won't pay up, and the state-backed property insurer is appealing.
The company is facing more than 10,000 law suits as homeowners across Florida deal with the same problems.
"We're not giving up, we are going to fight to the end," Toni said.
“It's basically a case of David versus Goliath, and we are the little David," Reggie said.
ABC Action News reached out to Citizens for a comment on this case but hasn’t received a response.
Citizens lost another sinkhole house case in Polk County on Friday, with a jury awarding the homeowners more than $500,000.
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