Voter Beware: Fake letters sent to Pasco residents question voters' statuses

Pasco Election Supervisors warning to voters

PASCO COUNTY, Fla. - Are you registered to vote?  You may be, but there are scammers out there trying to stop Bay Area residents from voting through some pretty crazy tactics.

Pasco County Supervisor of Elections, Brian Corley says several voters in his jurisdiction have told his office they have recieved fake letters postmarked from Seattle, Washington from an unknown source that questions their citizenship status.  Its implied in the letter that it came from the Supervisor's Office and it even appears to have official letterhead.

Corley and his staff are doing their best to spread the word to anyone that thinks they may have received one of these letters.

"Any voter who receives a letter regarding their citizenship which indicates the voter must respond within 15 days should contact my office immediately," says Corley.

  "These voters will be eligible to vote on November 6th and should disregard any inference in the letter to the contrary."

The bottom line, it is the voters responsibility to know your status.  If you have any questions, or you receive one of these letters, you are asked to call the Pasco County Supervisor of Elections office at 1-800-851-8754 and make sure you save the envelope and letter you get that fake notice in.

This goes for any county though!  If you think your voter status is in question, immediately call your Supervisor of Elections Office with your concerns.

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