Facebook scammer tries to trick mother searching for missing daughter, demanding cash

Bogus posts upset runaway teen's mom

PASCO COUNTY - Christina Potwin has strong words for the unknown person who she says put her through hell.

"I hate him and I hope that he never does it to another person again. It's the worst nightmare not knowing where your child is," she said.

Potwin had already called the Pasco Sheriff's office to report her 15-year-old daughter Jasmine had runaway last month.

But the Zephyrhillys mother wanted to do more so she went on Facebook and posted a public plea.

"If she came home or not, I just wanted to know she was ok."

Someone did respond to the post, claiming to be Christian Mills, with information about where Jasmine was.

He wrote, "I don't have her, but I know where she is right now."

Christina ,getting more desperate asked for a picture of her daughter and proof she was ok.

But "Mills" wrote Jasmine was in bad health and then he asked for $300 in return for information

"I would have came up with it some how," Potwin said.

But Potwin soon realized she was being scammed when the poster said to wire the money to Nigeria using Western Union.

Potwin eventually found her daughter, who hadn't even left town, and a horrible couple of days were finally over.

"When I first saw her I didn't know if I wanted to hug her or beat her," said Potwin.

Authorities say it's unlikely they will ever  track down the person that tried to rip Christian off. And they hope this case will remind other parents to be more cautious with what they put on social media.

"I think the intentions were good, however there was somebody out there in the shadows, that was waiting to exploit her," said detective David Boyer.

Once she knew her daughter was ok, Christiana delivered a final Facebook response, writing "look ur a liar. I already found my daughter and she's in perfect health. Scammer."

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